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To many, 2016 has been a great and fabulous year, especially in the area of fashion. Ankara outfits are fast becoming international trends as they are seen to be worn for many events, parties and the likes. If you want to rock 2017 in Ankara, here are some great styling ideas, Yeah Latest Ankara Styles 2017.

Latest Ankara Styles Ideas


Jumpsuits : Jumpsuits made with ankara are simply fabulous. Be it a plain jumpsuit, jumpsuit with a cape or embroidery at the top, you are ready to go!

  • 2. GOWNS

Gowns : Short ankara flay gowns are beautiful for casual events and social gatherings. You can go for a short pencil gown for a more official look. Long flay gowns are ideal for dinners. Another clothing material can be mixed with it. An evening gown made with a mix of ankara at the top and chiffon or satin from the waist down would definitely draw attention.

Latest Ankara Styles and Designs

Latest Ankara Styles and Designs

Ankara Gown

Latest Ankara Long Gown


Skirts and Blouses : Skirts and blouses have been around for a long time. You can spice things up this year by putting on a nice cotton shirt on a high waist skirt. You can also rock your jean skirt or trouser with a plain or embroidered ankara top or blazer. Don’t be scared to mix things up, have fun!

Ankara skirt and blouse styles


: Ankara trousers are here to stay, be it high waist or low waist, penciled or loose, ankara trousers give you a certain feel of elegance and poise. For the men, a corporate shirt tucked into ankara trousers gives you that distinguishing look. Get as many ankara trousers in 2017, brand yourself.

Short ankara gown styles

  • 5. SUITS

Suits : since every outfit is being ‘ankarised’, why not go for ankara suits. Male or female, ankara suits gives you an edge…… Like no other.

  • 6. AGBADA

Agbada : who says agbada is for the men alone. Women now rock agbada. For that very traditional look, what better way to stand out than in an ankara agbada.

There’s more scroll down gently


Simple Ankara Dress

Simple Ankara Dress

Cool, Simple and Creative

Old School Style Cool

Choosing the right accessories are important. What better way to accessorize than use of ankara shoes, bags, earrings and the likes, complement your style and steal the day!.

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